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Gala Gala Gang is a community that focuses on sharing our food and travel experiences and discoveries. 
"Gala" or "gala gala" is a Filipino slang word for galavanting which means to travel, roam, or move about for pleasure. So whether you are an avid traveler, wanderluster or a normal everyday person who casually goes out on their spare time, galavanting is just a means to experience and discover.

Gala Gala Gang was started in 2020 by Alvin Domingo who wanted to share his travel experiences and food discoveries with the world. During the beginning of the Covid pandemic, the world was in lock down and people had an undeniable need to leave their homes and get out because of this. Even those who don't normally travel felt the need to "scratch that itch" of going some place else other than their home or hometown. As the lock down restrictions eased the world saw an increase of traveling and people were researching for new experiences through social media.

This community was made to highlight and feature those people who went galavanting. We believe that it is important to share our experiences and discoveries to help others. So if you are down to join this movement...hit us up. Now get up and go!

GaNg gAnG!

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